Katie White

Thanks Mark for being such a great teacher/person! Initially I was a nervous driver but Mark instilled the confidence in me to take my test and pass. He is patient, reliable, kind and helpful and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to drive.

Ed Calvert

Mark is an excellent instructor and his lesson prices are the best I’ve seen.he is patient, calm, and always smiling which put me at ease when first starting out. He is very honest about your driving progress, and recommended when he thought that I was ready to take my test, no nonsense. With Marks help I passed first time after only 6 hours. I would highly recommend him.

Megan Pickard

I managed to pass my test first time with Mark as my instructor, I enjoyed all my lessons and would recommend him to everyone.

Toni Jasmine

I really enjoyed learning with Mark, he’s a good laugh, and gave me the confidence I needed. He never told me off if I nearly crashed lol. He’s a brilliant teacher and not only a teacher but a good friend.
10 out of 10.

Erin Gibbs

I would honestly recommend Mark to anyone wanting to learn to drive. He’s such a friendly guy and will give you any help you need. He’s very patient and won’t rush you into things, and will teach at your own pace. I passed with 2 minors. Thanks Mark for your fantastic teaching skills.

Michael Thompson

Mark helped me to pass after just 9 lessons first time. He has such a down to earth approach that let’s you see why and how the skills you’re learning will benefit your driving for the rest of your life. He made learning to drive, not only a rewarding experience, but an enjoyable one as well.